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Behind The Wheel Program

Program Overview

Behind-the-wheel driver’s training in Maryland is a component of your MD driver’s education program. In addition to 30 hours of classroom instruction, your course will include at least 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with your driving instructor

While you hold your learner’s permit, you’ll also need to practice driving with a licensed adult who is at least 21 years old and has held a driver’s license for at least 3 years. Your required hours will depend on your age.

Under 25 years old: 60 hours, including 10 hours completed at night.
25 years old or older: 14 hours of practice driving with including 3 hours completed at night.

You and your driving supervisor will need to keep track of your driving practice with the Rookie Driver Skills Log & Practice Guide (Form RD-006), which you will receive with your learner’s permit. When you complete your MD behind-the-wheel practice, you’ll need to submit the driving log with the signature of your parent/legal guardian or driving mentor.

All new drivers must complete behind-the-wheel driving practice as a component of the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) rookie driver program/graduated licensing system (GLS).

The MD MVA behind-the-wheel requirements include both driver training during your Driver’s Ed course and supervised practice with a licensed adult.

The safe driving experience and knowledge you’ll gain during the supervised driving portions of the Maryland rookie driver program will help you ace your road test and get on the road with your new driver’s license.

Cost & Payment

Payment can be made online through this website or in person at the school with cash or money order.

We provide vehicles with well trained professional instructors to accompany students for road tests appointments.

Maryland Private Lesson (BTW)
1-hour | $70.00
Maryland Private Lesson (BTW)
2-hours | $120.00
Maryland Private Lesson (BTW)
4-hours | $240.00
Maryland Private Lesson (BTW)
6-hours | $320.00
Maryland Private Lesson (BTW)
8-hours | $400.00
Maryland Private Lesson (BTW)
10-hours | $500.00
Maryland Private Lesson (BTW)
12-hours | $600.00
Maryland Private Lesson (BTW)
14-hours | $700.00